The City of Pittsburgh has been voted “The Most Livable City in America” by multiple sources over recent years. We were highly successful reinventing ourselves from the “Steel City” to a High Tech and Healthcare hub. The city limits has had an increase of 40% in population since 2002 with many of them being young, thanks to high tech companies like Google making Pittsburgh their home. Downtown Pittsburgh has turned into a little NYC with apartments and condo’s popping up all over the place. Old ethnic neighborhoods that were once run down are now thriving communities. Bike lanes are common place. This city has completely reinvented itself.

We boast some of the Best Colleges including Carnegie MellonUniversitywhich is 2nd in private colleges in the country of new tech start-up companies, University of Pittsburgh and Duquense University to name a few. UPMC Medical Center and Allegheny Health Network perform some of the most intricate surgeries and transplants in the world.

The cost of housing and general cost of living in Pittsburgh is some of the lowest in the country. Sports Teams like Steelers Football, Pirate Baseball, Penguin Hockey and Riverhound Soccer are consistently at the top of their game. (Not to mention some of the best college rivalries.) We are one of the most Philanthropic Cities in the Country giving Million’s yearly to charitable causes.

The “Pittsburgh Promise” non-profit provides up to $40K in scholarship money to students living within the city limits.

The Pittsburgh Cultural District attracts On Broadway and Off Broadway shows, Opera, Ballet and the Pittsburgh Symphony which is world re-known.

Pittsburgh is voted “The Next Big Food Town” by Bon Appetit Magazine. Washington Post says “The Little ‘burg Catching Food Critics by Surprise.Zagat just voted us the #1 Foodie City in the Country for 2015. And the Strip District downtown with all fresh vegetables, fish and meat markets reminds you of New York City.

We are said to be “Little Hollywood” the over 187 movies filmed here including: The Avengers, The Dark Night Strikes Back, Abduction, Lovestruck, Sudden Death, Robocop, Get Smart and Flash Dance.

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